Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank Goodness for the CSA...

Because with it, I get great quality food at a cheaper price than I'll usually find at a supermarket. It's a win-win transaction. Though that's not to say that my supermarket transactions are not win-win. They are - otherwise I would not make them. But during the summer and fall, when I have the CSA option, I get more value from that than transacting at the supermarket.

One of the websites I frequent, the Mises Institute, happily reminded me of such while also teasing about the philosophy of a number of farm stand customers:

I am engaging in an enterprise that is the essence of pure capitalism while surrounded by those to whom the very word "capitalism" is one of the greatest of obscenities. It is voluntary exchange; it is a relationship where everyone feels as if they have won. Isn't that the essence of the free market?

Anyway, I thought it amusing and thought-provoking in the sense that articles about everyday activities can be at times. I honestly wonder what one of those customers who Mugnaini would think if they read this article. Would a lightbulb go off in his or her head? Would that person gain an appreciation of another viewpoint that would give that person some more perspective? Or would that person fall prey to confirmation bias and dismiss it as hogwash? 

If you want to read the Mugnaini's whole entry, click here.

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