Monday, August 15, 2011

Why so slow?

I helped my sister sign on for Online BillPay at Wachovia tonight. And then we tried to access it because we were going to use it to fund her investment account. But Wachovia/Wells Fargo stated that it will be 1 to 3 business days before she'll have access to it. Seriously? She's already enrolled in Online Banking. How hard is it to enroll her in the Online BillPay?

Maybe in the 90s this delay would have been acceptable. But this is an example, to me, of where servicing needs to continually be on its toes because of ever increasing expectations of customers. Wachovia just lost my respect for that long a delay for such a simple function. Granted, they already destroyed any respect I had for them when they screwed up so massively that Wells Fargo bought them on the cheap, but the Wells Fargo name had given back some reputational hue, or so I thought. Well, all it look was 5 minutes for them to destroy a decent reputation, again.

As an aside, I think it rather cool that the brokerage my sister and I use allows us to fund our investment accounts via a bank's billpay function. I do not remember having that option last year, so at least they are continuing to be on their toes.

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