Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The first thing you must remember is to get the hell out of Brussels as quickly as you can

Somehow I do not think Michael O'Leary is going to be invited back to Brussels. Bureaucrats never like to hear how inept and idiotic they are.

Amusing Points:
  • First three minutes and thirty-five minutes
  • Timestamp 5:30: "and British Airways, which used to be the world's favorite airline, isn't even the UK's favorite [airline] anymore, we [Ryanair] are!
  • Timestamp 6:45: "We got an email back last Friday saying, 'I'm sorry the [European] Commission can't pay for a Ryanair flight because there's a ban on low-fare flights within the Commission.'"
  • Timestamp 7:40: "The first thing you must remember today is to get the hell out of Brussels as soon as you can."
  • Timestamp 8:25: "[L]ower prices beats higher prices every time, unless you work in the Commission where, of course, by law you can only buy higher prices because, let's face it, the European taxpayer is going to pay for it anyway."
  • Timestamp 9:20: "...We take your bags from you on departure so we can carry them here and give them back to you on arrival, unless, of course, you flew British Airways, in which case we lose 50% of them in between.
There are a few more humorous moments after, along with plenty of good ribbing at the European Commission. 

Of course, the Commission flunky had to point out that the Commission deciding to deregulate the airline market as part of the single market allowed Ryanair to exist. Which begs the question of the use of regulation in the first place, eh?

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