Friday, September 3, 2010

St Paul de Vence

I went to visit St Paul de Vence on the 27th of August, I believe, because I wanted to see this tiny mountain town. I also ended up going to a modern art museum there (Foundation Maeght) which I thought overpriced. Perhaps that's just my neutral attitude towards modern art.

I'll let the pictures of St Paul de Vence speak for themselves, for the most part. I found the town to be really beautiful, a town so tiny that there pretty much is one road that you can drive on in there, and it's not that much of a drive.

I also visited La Petite Cave de Saint-Paul, a small, basement wine shop selling a lovely selection of wines (some were quite exclusive, including wine from the vineyards of the modern art museum, which I disdained to buy because of the cost). I ended up buying rosé and two wines from Languedoc.

Anyway, here are some of my pictures from St. Paul de Vence, starting with a picture of St Paul de Vence from the outside:
St Paul de Vence

The vineyards below St Paul de Vence

The cat's hiding from me! Good to know, since I have allergies to them!

A series of steps from the perimeter of the town, where the defensive wall is, to the center.

La Petite Cave de Saint-Paul
The Church Tower
Lucy's Diner! Complete with hamburgers, french fries, and Coca Cola.
The street outside the town, where the bus stop and La Columbe D'Or (restaurant worth visiting) are

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