Saturday, September 4, 2010


[I've editted this post to include pictures from my last day.]

I just love a simple relaxing petit dejeuner. I took the time, at the ungodly early hour to stop by the boulangerie and cafe near my flat and enjoy a petit dejeuner of two croissants, orange juice, and an espresso. I normally don't do this at home, so this really was a nice, simple luxury for me.

From Nice, France

Bear in mind, there are plenty of small boulangeries and cafes serving croissants, espresso, and whatnot in the morning, and for the undiscerning American, you'll probably not be able to tell the difference between any of them in quality (I wasn't). Or maybe they all are quite good. Anyway, this was the one closest to me, so that's what I chose. When I was at the Place Massena last time, I visited another small boulangerie for this same sort of simple decadent morning. And when I was at a studio on the Promenade des Anglais, I procured fresh croissants or olive bread from the Cours Saleya and treated myself to a fresh omelette, fruit and fresh croissants or olive bread out on my balcony after my morning swim.

The view might not strike some as romantic, but whatever. I don't mind the smell of fish market in the morning.

From Nice, France

It's time to board [at the time I originally wrote this], so I've reached the end of this fluffy post. But still, this is a simple pleasure that I will probably indulge in at home, while reading a novel or the FT.

Au revoir, Nice! And until next time.

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