Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of my favorite suits

I present below myself in one of my favorite suits. I first wore it on a tour of the Houses of Parliament in 2008 (very fun, incidentally). I also wore it at Tom's wedding (rather appropriate, as he made the suit!), and then at James and Darya's too. I have to say that though my waistline as expanded and contracted since 2008, the suit has not failed me yet. And with it's pinstripes and peak lapel, I think it'll be a stylish favorite of mine until my waist is too big for the trousers.

After James and Darya's wedding

Hopefully by Christmas I'll have a new picture of me in another favorite suit of mine. That, however, is contingent on me actually losing weight. I had that suit made in 2006 at Maurice Sedwell, during the month that I lived in London after graduation from Georgetown. (I rented a flat for a month, so from my point of view, that's living in a place.) When I tried it on recently, I strained the trouser waistline enough that I did not want to risk wearing it. I guess my waistline has expanded quite a bit since 2006. Must be because I'm not dancing anymore. (And if I wanted any more proof that it must be because I'm not dancing, I barely fit into my black tie trousers that I used for dancing in the past.)

In the mean time though, here's me in that suit back in May 2007 in Blackpool, England. If you look closely, you can see the purple horizontal pinstripes on the navy blue cloth. The jacket is a single button only and with peak lapels. It's definitely not run of the mill, which is why I want to fit in it again.

Balancing on the railing in Blackpool, England (also the first image I put on my credit card)

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