Monday, September 13, 2010

Spontaneous breakfast thought

In France, I love a simple breakfast of croissants or a tartine with espresso and orange juice. Back home in the US, I enjoy a relatively hearty breakfast of oatmeal with almonds and flaxseed along with fruit and espresso. When in India, I seek out a breakfast that is also hearty and probably unhealthy - samosas or pakoras with chutney, fruit and tea (it seems to me that in Indian culture, breakfast foods for the well-off were the appetizers you'd have for dinner, and if you've been to an Indian restaurant, you know how unhealthy they are).

Point being, with the exception of my stateside breakfast, which has hints of Scotland in it with the oatmeal, I typically try to eat a breakfast that is local to the locale I am visiting when abroad. That simple sort of pleasure is one of the highlights of any trip I take, and adds significantly to my joie de vivre when abroad.

One more spontaneous thought that occurred to me during breakfast:

I've noticed that my blog is not living up to either the boring (unless you're bored by self-absorbed travelogue) or smart portions of the title. My apologies to you for messing with your expectations! I have some more travel entries to deal with, so please bear with me.

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