Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick, Vapid Thoughts

I've joked about the size of my readership in previous posts - I am 95% confident that my readership is between 2 and 10 people (for those statisticians out there). Consequently I feel no compunction about the posting my vapid thoughts occurring late in the night.

I'm still a bit disappointed that I have not gotten around to writing an intelligent post yet. I haven't had a chance to look at Indian GDP data from 1913 to 2010 (and from 1913 to 1947, I presume that data aggregates Pakistan and Bangladesh too). I'm very curious to see when India and rest of the subcontinent slowed down in economic development - was it during the Raj, or after the Raj, or somewhat more muddled than that?

I'm also a bit disappointed with my post on socca in Nice - it could have been a much better story. Maybe someday I'll rewrite it.

I have a post in my draft box about my efforts to bake proper socca once back in DC - I'll have it up maybe next week. Who knows, it may not even be boring!

For those very few people wanting to satisfy the 'smart' quotient of this blog, for now all I can offer are the blogs I regularly read. I'm crunching numbers in my spare time, but will not be blogging about the results of that (I'd say the results are shared only on a 'need to know' basis, but that would be a lie). You're welcome to ask, but you'd probably be bored with the answer.

Finally, I tried a version of this lime & peanut coleslaw for dinner tonight, using red onions and avocados in place of the cherry tomatoes. I thought I should have added more of the lime dressing to the dish, but otherwise it was very tasty with the peanuts. I might want to slather the peanuts directly in the dressing too before adding both to the dish, since even after the roasting they seemed a bit bland.

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